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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Was Actually Challenged

today's learning outcome : to know the reasons a person blogs.

even though writing is my passion, i previously didnt get the reasons why do i have to blog. some people like Hafiz Mat Adam writes for his loved one while Amir Zaki Ayob writes for his poetic views about life, friends and girlfriends. on the other hand, Luthfi Mohaini writes for body-building, errrkk while Riduan Ismail writes for her  his millions of fans.

it's now my turn to tell you mine.

Amir was like annoyed the moment i told him that i feel challenged by the existence of those people's blogs. yes, how can i be left behind all these fellows (terutamanya Hafiz Mat Andam Adam) ?
by the way, i wasnt that eager to challenge them back. it's just a matter of blogging. at least, i have Riduan Ismail yang baru terhegeh-hegeh nak buat blog--i wouldnt look like yang paling lambat, walaupun org lain dah start buat blog 5 tahun yang lepas (just to quote some names : NurSabie Fadillah, Nina Z.Mazda, Hanani Ismail, etc.)

why do i have to bother about all these? x penting kot. urghh. so sorry that these days around, i dont think rationally sebab result sem 3 yang sgt 'gempak' tu kot.
okay. see you in the next class.dont be absent.