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Monday, December 20, 2010

How I Met You

since me and riduan started blogging this morning, we couldnt stop talking about it that every single second was spent for the ideas to make our blog appear better than each other's. and yes, i've got SOME faithful followers for the blog. aku follow riduan, riduan follow aku. the same goes to amir and lut. and that is how ours will go about. 
by the way, thanks to Ms. X.Fadillah for your comment that sounds so much intriguing:
"blog ko x bes. mcm bace obituary"
i got an A for my Mandarin class yet i never knew 
how to read this ad. would you like to help me,
Ms. X.Fadillah? LOL.

by the way, im so open to such a comment. it develops. it motivates. it generates more silly-and-stupid ideas. whatever it is, thank you so much to Xabie.F for the time you spent reading my blog! i appreciate this so much. *sarcastically uttered.


the purpose of this entry is actually to rewind the historic days of my life meeting my close buddies. most of my friends know how reliable my brain is--i am so good at remembering things, even though it never works in the exam hall. OK. who are those lucky persons?

Nickname: Bacak, Kak Cha
Gender: shemale
Hometown: Gemas
Weight : XXX kg
Interest: Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

makhluk nilah benda pertama yang aku jumpa time kt uitm lendu dulu. 
dato' siti nurhaliza's no.1 fan. xlarat nak cerita lah.
he was my roomate when we were in Melaka and now he's my housemate. 
back to lendu time, for the very first few hours, he was like so snobbish--didnt talk much (takut kantoi perangai sebenar,cover)
one thing i remember about him, he has never liked to stay in our room.
 it was like once in a blue moon that we got the chance 
to sleep talk to each other--kelas pon x sama, 
so memg jarang la berbual time weekdays. BUT weekends were another story. 
While everyone was busy getting kereta sewa to melaka town, 
we had our own place to hang out. pokan tampin. yes, pekan tampin. dekat lagi jimat.
dan inilah alatan yang kami tunggang untuk ke sana:

rindu nak tunggang bas ni.
one more thing, dalam bas ni dilarang berbual sebab x mungkin 
korang akan dengar suara korg sendiri.

ok. senior bilik kitorang yang bernama GP pon da paham la, kalau sabtu ahad, pakai cantik2 mesti nak g tampin la tu. best kot. ada tampin shopping center. melaka ada? LOL. so, tergedik-gediklah kami bertiga mengembara ke tanah suci tampin.

Nickname: Bingai, Bear(erh).
Hometown: Telok Gadong, Klang
Bike's Plate No.: BGG XXXX
Weight : Overweight Secret
Status : Divorced

he's another big piece of me. a memory that i wouldnt forget about him was during minggu mesra siswa. we've just met each other for like an hour and we've started to get cliqued as if it was years--this fellow is another story. if riduan is a die-hard fan of dato' siti nurhaliza, this fellow is the one who's into retros.janji manismu by aishah, hanya dipinggiran by fransisca peter, hanya di radio (kedah version), etc were among the first songs we sang along the way from college to the main hall for mms. he was like a big walking radio to me:-)
one more thing. if riduan didnt really like to stay in our room, amir, on the other hand, tak reti nak balik bilik sendiri. he wasnt my roomate yet he stayed in my room more than riduan did. mula2 dtg tumpang tidur malam, then bawak bantal. pastu, bawak tuala, mandi kt level aku, then tilam sape ntah die songlap letak dlm bilik aku, wt harte sendiri and last but not least, hampir semua barang die dipunggah ke perkampungan baru iaitu di bilik aku. 

Nickname: Koking
Hometown: Pontian Kechil
Twin: Zizan Raja Lawak
Assets : Nose + Nostrils

benda ni plak lain sket cternye. i first met him in uitm jb during tesl interview. he was like samseng came to me and asked me questions. dalam hati aku ckp, "kalau aku jd interviewer, sumpah ko x lepas interview ni." hahahaha.
UNFORTUNATELY. i met him again during mms. adoyai. mamat ni dapat tesl gak ke. he waved his hands at me and i reacted, ermm no, i didnt react to that, at all. dengan penuh ketakutan kebingungan, dalam hati aku cakap lagi, "agak2 klu aku tukar kos sempat lg x?".
another history was then made when our coordinator, late mr.ishak ismail told us that everyone must posses a bank islam account. omg. aku blom buat akaun. so, in a particular day, everyone without the account was sent to the bank and i coincidentally forgot about it (padahal saje2 tidur, aku ni hantu tidur). the next day, i met mr.ishak and he was kinda angry about it but not too angry and said, "you go there yourself." and i said, "okay." he added,"dont forget to inform luthfi mohaini as well." laaa. budak ni lagi. the next day, kami pon pergi. die tdur sepanjang jalan. aku yang kena berjaga. so haram you know. 
there were some other BIG stories i have had with this fellow but they dont seem suitable to be shared here. interested to know? inbox kat fb k?

ok. im done telling you guys about the history. more to come and im willing to share more but lemme say this first--im a person who appreciates friendships so much that i wouldnt easily forget all my friends. i have this in my mind:

"friends are like balloons. once you let them fly,
you'll never get them back."

to wrap up, appreciate friends while they are there for you:-)


  1. why the hell am i here?
    obituary ko makin menarek

  2. hahaha!
    this post is somehow...cute! ;D

  3. Xabie.f : juling mata aku carik iklan obituary.
    ain: thanks for following:-)

  4. "friends are like balloons. once you let them fly,
    you'll never get them back."